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Over the past decade, Blade Education has researched produced and directed over 500 films for a wide variety of clients. We have a track record of successfully working with and inside communities in  order to get vital information across, however difficult what needs to be said. 

Technically we are innovators. As trainers, we know how to keep it simple. As colaborators we actually listen. We believe that great quality film making can and does change lives.  We provide a service that uses expert researchers, producers, camera and sound people and directors but at an affordable cost in order to make the most of ever shrinking budgets. 

Many of our projects have been produced in multiple languages in order to reach the widest possible audiences.  Please get in touch if you want to know how we make effective and inclusive multi-lingual films. Our team is also highly experienced at working to tight deadlines so even if you are short of time, please do get in touch.  Please call on 0207 097 3935 or email our Creative Director, Beth Hooper on

New Films

Southend Veterans

With the help of the Royal British Legion and SSAFA we were able to ask Service Veterans what Remembrance means to them and how they think children should approach this sometimes difficult subject.

SSFR Project Promo

The Southend Schools Festival of Remembrance is a project that brings together children and adults from acrosss the borough of Southend-on-Sea to help the younger generation reconnect with Remembrance.

Our Films

Celebrate Leigh Together

CLT was a project that aimed to bring together all generations of Leigh- on-Sea in a celebration of the work of all of the brilliant community organisations that make the town such a special place to live.

J.E.R Young Research

John Young was a Royal Flying Corps pilot in the Great War whose story we have researched an presented using an actor to the children working on the Lost Souls Project in order to help them connect with the past.

Fabulous Flyers

The last trip of the Lost Souls Project was an amazing day at London Southend Airport where the pupils took part in 6 activities over the day linked to the history of the area and of LSA.

Our Past Films

Up The Ante

The Up The Ante Southend project allows families going through pregnancy, or those considering it, in the Southend University Hospital area,  to have all the information they need to make the right choices giving the best birth outcomes for mother and baby.

Hinguar Connecting Parents

HCP is a partnership between Hinguar Primary and Nursery School (HPNS) and Blade Education (BE) that has been running as a pilot process for two years. 

Lost Souls

The Lost Souls Project is working to connect the children at West Leigh Infants School to a real sense of personal local history from this period by introducing them to the legacy left behind by the people who lived in Southend-on-Sea in 1914-1919.

A Better Start Bid

A Better Start is a 2014 Big Lottery project that distributed £200 million to 5 areas of England.Our films helped the successful Southend A Better Start bid to secure £40million over 10 years to improve outcomes for children

ESIS Online

ESIS is a multi lingual school information service including 21 short films that help children who are inexperienced with the English education system to integrate as easily as possible. ESIS Online is offered in 21 languages,

Start the conversation

Southend Start The Conversation (SSTC) is a domestic abuse awareness tool that is aimed at helping primary and secondary schools to inform their pupils about domestic abuse in a safe and controlled manner.

Where to start

The Where To Start Pilot is a Blade Education partnership project that is built around promoting better communication between parents and teachers to improve the outcomes of babies and young children. Where to Start is a multi format project that will deliver information and help to both mainstream and hard to reach communities.

Shared Spaces

The 2012 Shared Spaces Project bought the children of the Westborough School to the North Road Burial Ground to connect them with their past and with local history. This 9 month project promoted outdoor learning, help the children understand how their ancestors lived and died and taught them how to use digital cameras to record local heritage

Build with Care

The Build with Care project focussed on the £1.2million, year long renovation of a Victorian cemetery chapel at the North Road Burial Ground. Our brief was to follow the renovation and film the progress made over the course of the year and to produce monthly update films that would be used by all of the partner organisations.

Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project was a year long partnership between Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships and the Westborough School in Westcliff-on-Sea - our job was to film and document the project and produce a comprehensive film of the activities and outcomes. By working with small, high quality cameras we were able to move around classrooms and other venues such as the North Road Burial Ground and the Royal Opera House and were able to capture much more natural footage.

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