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How would you feel about being taken away from your home and made to live with total strangers? This is what happens to thousands of children every year who are taken into the care system.

The What’s Happening to Me? Project is trying to help these children by giving them solid advice and information that helps to explain what they need to know on their first day of being in care.

Led by members of the Southend-on-Sea Fostering Community and those they look after, WHTM? is a pilot funded by the Big Lottery Fund that aims to help children between 12 and 16 years old when they are taken into care by providing a resource directly aimed at helping them through their first days and weeks in the English Care System.

The content of WHTM? was led and devised by people who have either experienced being in care themselves or are specialist foster carers, social workers and care agency staff. By working with people who really know what they are talking about, we have been able to merge skills to produce the first online information service aimed directly at young people taken into care.

The head of the WHTM? steering group is experienced foster carer Dean Trotter, who is passionate about helping young people in the care system achieve their full potential.

Dean said: "We’ve fostered 17 people over 8 years and the first hours when you welcome somebody into their new home are crucial. We hope that by launching this project we can help young people who first enter care to understand exactly what is happening to them and that however difficult they are finding it, that people around them are there to help in what might be extraordinarily difficult circumstances."

The content of WHTM? covers what our Fostering Community felt were the most important 8 issues for newly fostered children and uses appropriate language for the target age range. WHTM? is specifically designed to be used on mobile devices – something that most teenagers have access to.

The What’s Happening To Me? Website is freely available 24/7, and the link is:

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